Zombie ga Kita kara Jinsei Mitsumenaoshita Ken

Koike Mizuho (Ishibashi), Kimijima Yuzuki (Tsuchimura) and Kondo Misae (Takiuchi) all live together in a certain regional city. One morning, the news reports that the neighboring mountains have burst into flames. Suddenly, a situation occurs where zombies arrive in town and begin biting people. Mizuho, oblivious to the situation, goes to talk about divorce with…


It tells the real-life story of how Kanakuri Shizo (Nakamura Kankuro), a Japanese Olympic-level marathon runner and Tabata Masaji (Abe Sadao), a man who was responsible of setting up Japanese swimming and also was one of the key figures behind the mission to Japan to hosts its first Olympic Games, with astonishing success.